The Tale of the Buggy Man

The inescapable trip to Newman was relatively uneventful. Within a day we were back on the Canning with new tires and a revived sense of security. After that point, we started seeing more… Continue reading

Death On The Canning

Death is a regular traveler on the Canning. He treks it. Here, Death is not the familiar and casual mall-walker it is in hospitals and convalescent homes. In big cities, Death adopts a… Continue reading

The Canning Stock Route: Part IV – Disappointment

Disappointment reeked of sewage and brine. Worse than I expected. We were well into a rough day by the time we reached it. Several days earlier, our confidence was slashed along with our… Continue reading

The Canning Stock Route: Part III – Far From….Everything

It is now day seven. I’m walking down the track, brushing my teeth. There are no sinks in the wild, so one’s hygiene routine becomes, well, less routine. In any event, I’ve walked… Continue reading

The Canning Stock Route: Part II

There were so many signs that first morning of the Canning. I’m not speaking metaphorically; there were a lot of big signs stating that this was a potentially dangerous track, that we needed… Continue reading

The Canning Stock Route: Part I

“Dear God. Do I know what I’ve gotten myself into?” I found myself paralyzed by the weight of the decision in front of me; mesmerized by the overwhelming selection. I was standing alone… Continue reading

Off To Oz … Or Not

The commencement of my journey to the Great Southern Land began with a fortuitous mess. I was about to migrate to Australia but it was a process that refused to be painless. There… Continue reading

Out of Africa

For nearly five years, some part of Africa was home. I stayed on the truck with Gav the entire time and gradually assumed more and more responsibilities. We tackled an Ultimate Trans: 25… Continue reading


Expectations are a tricky thing. As much as I wish we could, in reality you can’t ever really say “I have no expectations.” Not for anything of real significance. Hell, even for some… Continue reading

A Change in Scenery

Yes, it’s finally time to update.  I know – it was time to update about 3 moths ago, but I’ve been busy.  Cut me some slack. It’s been a unique trip.  It started… Continue reading

Trade Offs

I know I’ve got a good thing going here.  Living in Africa is not an easy existence at all.  Trust me. There’s no doubt  I pay my dues. But when it is good,… Continue reading

The Stoned Pygmy King

I’m pretty sure his name was George.  I’m not certain, but let’s just say it is for the hell of it.  George was a funny looking little man. He was the living embodiment… Continue reading

Journal of The Traveling Sanatarium

July 23, 2008………  Friday we pick up the new group.  This isn’t a typical trip.  It’s a charter; a private group has rented the truck and crew to take them on a 20… Continue reading

Lucky Girl: Malaria, Shipwrecks, and Broken Bones

Luck is largely a matter of perception.  For example, I’m sure that there is no shortage of folks out there that would say  that this has been an extraordinarily unlucky couple of months… Continue reading

Diary of a Sick Woman

It started in Dar es Salaam. Ah, lovely Dar, the sweaty left armpit of Africa. The place is dirty; it’s disgustingly hot and unbearably humid; it’s an odoriferous torture chamber. The equatorially bright… Continue reading

Back in Africa

I’m thigh deep in water that very well could have crocs lurking in it. Hippos are barking off in one direction, an approaching storm is thundering in another. It’s raining. I’m up to… Continue reading

The Unfortunate Combination of Oxytocin and Guilt.

ORIGINALLY POSTED JANUARY 2008 I left Africa in October. Gavin returned to Australia for a friend’s wedding and I came home to California. Like we had before, we agreed to rendezvous, this time… Continue reading

Here Again…and Again…

ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2007 It is now August. I’m in Arusha, Tanzania…Again. I started writing this out while sitting on the banks of the Nile River in Uganda…Again. That was just a few… Continue reading

A Hypothetical Romance

  ORIGINALLY POSTED MAY 2007 So…Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that a guy and a girl are rather fond of each other. After that mutual fondness in confirmed a romantic week in ensues.  After… Continue reading

Alone in Africa….and staying.

After four weeks, I’ve parted ways with the overland group. It sucks. They’re probably someplace in Malawi by now. They’ll be continuing on to Cape Town in South Africa. I left them in… Continue reading

The Big M: Malaria

Originally posted April 25, 2007 Go out, inhale a handful of glass shards.  Then, spend a half hour or so huffing toxic paint fumes.  After that, see if you can get a truck… Continue reading

The Perilous Hike Over Mt. Anonymous

I hike.  I’m a total trail junkie.  The one thing that has really made this trip a challenge is that I haven’t been able to achieve my standard 12 – 25 miles a… Continue reading

The Gorillas

Was it Thursday?  I’m pretty sure it was Thursday that we crossed the border from Uganda to Rwanda.  The first thing I did upon entering this breathtakingly gorgeous place was vomit. I had… Continue reading

Out of Nairobi, On to the Truck

FIRST POSTED APRIL 2007 I’ve been in Africa for months now.  I feel like that in itself is a little accomplishment.  Africa has bitch slapped me more than once.  Just at the times… Continue reading

A Different Me

I’m now 26.  I don’t know if it’s the birthday or the experience of being here in Kenya that correlates with the way I’m feeling.  Maybe it’s neither. I look at myself in… Continue reading